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Our main task is to move away from the protocolality of restaurants. We are promoting a new culture in which between the consumer and a glass of wine there is no extra charge of 300% and formalities of most restaurants. We offer a worthy alternative to the traditional system. If you having visited Toscana Wine Bar once, you will understand that this is not just an institution where you can drink wine. This is a new culture of consumption of wines and dishes to them. We do not want to sell wine and snacks just to it, but also to develop a wine culture in Kiev. Therefore, our guests will be offered tastings, lectures and master classes. The Toscana Wine Bar is pleased to everyone - and those who are eyeing the harvest year, and those who guessed from the wiser wisdom only that «white is for the fish».


Among the green hills of Greve in Chianti, between Florence and Siena, the Viticcio plants create wines that express the true connection between nature and man

Cavalli Neri

An amazing taste, authenticity of origin and a pleasant price - so hospitable Italians describe Cavalli Neri. This wine will forever become for you an exquisite gesture and a symbol of cultural leisure in any situation.

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Address: Kyiv, Obolonsky Ave, 1B, Dream Town

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